China has the second largest horse population in the world only after the U.S. China is a big emerging market in the equine industry in general. Chinese Arabian enthusiats love horses that they can compete in a endurance race with, or pleasure ride, as well as the amazing beautiful halter show horses. There is a market  for Arabian horses in all disciplines. We are confident that the demand for quality Arabian horses will take off shortly after our first show.

        Do you know Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo are all blocked in China? There is a GREAT WALL between you and Chinese buyers. "We want to sell some horses to China. How can we get more exposure to Chinese buyers?"

        We have lunched an APP to resolve the problem, and helps you to sell your horses DIRECTLY to buyers in China. In fact,  this is an existing APP that almost every person in China is using it on a daily basis. We have created a new function within this APP for trading horses domestically and internationally. The new function includes an international farm directory and listing of sale horses. Chinese buyers can select tags to filter out their dream horses from our database. As a listing farm, we will have farm description translated in Chinese language and list your sale horses. All videos and photos will be manually uploaded to a server in China so people in China can view them. Please check out the demo video and Join Now!

Some features of the APP:

  • Low fees

  • No commissions

  • The most used APP in China

  • Free translations of your farm description

  • Upload photos and videos to Server in China so they can watch

  • Optional Live support service to assit the sales


Join China Horse Trading APP:

Option#1 One farm listing for 1 year, unlimited listing of sale horses with 1 photo and 1 video for each horse ($400/1 yr)

Option#2 One farm listing for 3 years gets 4th year for free, unlimited listing of sale horses ($1000/4 yrs)

Optional translator/support serviceThis service will assist you and your farm for a better communication with buyers from China. Farms buy this service will be assinged to a specialist with live support not only with language translations, but also assist in receiving deposit, payment, and arrange international shipping, etc. ($500/1 yr)

For any questions, please contact:  app@chinaarabian.com

Sell Horses to China

Recent Articles

Stories of beautiful Arabian horses have been shared throughout time worldwide, as the beauty and passion for the Arabian horse are the same in any language, in any country and in any part of the world.  Are you coming to Beijing, one of the world's fastest rising cosmopolitan cities and a world-famous imperial capital, to watch The First China Arabian Horse Show (August 4-5, 2018)?  We have pulled together the information you will need whether you are exhibiting your farms, or cheering from the VIP sections.
Beijing-China, one of the world's fastest rising cosmopolitan cities and a world-famous imperial capital, has a history of 3000 years with more than 860 years as the capital of China. This show will take you to the capital of an ancient empire, steeped in thousands of years of culture. A city bursting with life and opportunity. A people celebrating their past while embracing the future. A place to inspire and a journey to experience. This is Beijing, a modern city with an imperial past.
Beijing is a true international city where you find variety of hotels in different locations that fit your needs. We have provided you two locations that are near by the Show location. 
China Arabian Horse Show Committee would like to invite you to be part of the First China Arabian Horse Fair, Saturday August 4- Sunday August 5, 2018 in the ancient capital city Beijing, China.  China has the second largest horse population in the world after the U.S., is an emerging market for Arabian horses. Dear Arabian breeders, farms, and training centers, it is our sincere hope that you will consider of being a commercial exhibitor.  As an exhibitor you are eligible for opportunities to promote your horses, farms, and services.


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